Audio Production for Radio, Podcasters, DJs and Advertisers. We cover the entire spectrum… from start to finish!

Getting audio to hit the mark is no easy feat. It starts with finding the right voice talent to deliver the message. We search near and far to find the right talent who speaks to your audience. From there, we incorporate tasteful elements that bring your audio to life. Quality music production, and just the right sound design elements, can be the difference between audio that makes an impact and one that falls flat.


Whether you sell clothes, own a skating rink, or distribute beverages; We can design and create the audio you need to bring your brand alive. We've worked with many successful marketing campaigns, from locally owned shops and stores. Plus, you cant find a better price that matches our quality of work online. Our concepts are real, our voices are professionals, and our production is creative and top notch. Our Radio Ad Process:

Concept Development – We schedule a creative development conversation with you so we can ask questions, talk about your brand, demographics, etc.

Script Writing – We put together a couple samples for you to choose from. We write each script with different target demographics, and creative delivery styles in mind.

Voice Talent Casting– Pick anyone from our collected talent pool, we are always looking for talent voice artists.

Production – Now that the script and talent are approved, we record the final voice-overs and produce the commercial with full sound effects and music. The commercials are then sent to you for approval.

Final Approvals and Edits – Once the final commercial is approved, we create any additional length versions you have requested and deliver in the desired format.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just record your radio show or podcast, wait a couple days, and have a perfectly edited and ready-to-go radio show or podcast episode to deliver to your audience?

Well, you can!

This Package Contains:
Professional mixing
Mastered to broadcast standards
Noise reduction
Audio EQ And dynamic balancing
Add intro, outro, sponsor message
ID3 tagging
Premium editing
Unlimited sound design music or/and other sound effects
Dedicated account representative
Turnaround time of 72 Hours.

This package is designed for radio show or podcaster clients that are looking for a high-level of audio production that includes custom sound design, episode layout, music selection and other production elements for creating a more robust narrative or storytelling-style podcast. If you would like to learn more about having EVO Media Corporation custom produce your radio show or podcast, please contact us.


Radio Imaging enables radio listeners to easily identify a radio station and to distinguish a radio station favorably against competitors through a unique and enhanced image and sound, particularly in the same programming format (e.g., CHR, Country, Adult Contemporary, Sports, News/Talk, Classic Rock, Oldies, etc.).
Brandings - A songs intro to let the listener know the artist, title of a track. Great way to promote new music!
Promos - Promos are used for promoting what music / artists that the station plays, events, new music etc.
Sweepers - Station ID, Stop Sets, Rejoiners, Station Promos, Artist Promo, And Special holiday IDs.
We will help you with creation of any Radio Imaging you may need.


We specialize in Fully Custom DJ Drops -- both Dry DJ Drops and Produced DJ Drops. Our number one goal is to cater to EVERY DJ - whether you're a first day beginner or a 20 year seasoned pro, we go above and beyond to give you that MEGA sound & image you want.

Whether it be for a DJ Set, new Mixtape, Podcast, Live Event, or anything else - we will work with you to fulfill your every need. Don't forget to listen to our Demos and Samples for a preview of work we've voiced and produced for DJs and Radio Stations across the country (and world!).