EVO Radio first entered the radio market in 2014 with the purchase of Z103.5 We Are Your Party Station; it was - and still is - the biggest radio brand on the EVO Radio Network. Now, with 3 stations in Western Canada and growing, a history in traditional radio commercials, and modern digital expertise.

EVO Radio is committed to delivering quality programming that reaches the local audience as well as our worldwide audience.

Our listeners can tune into any of our stations through our websites, and soon through our new app!! However we are not limited in the options to listen to our stations on the web, we are on many internet radio apps that allow us to broadcast to a larger audience. Nowadays our listeners can stream our stations through computers, mobile devices, vehicles....or anything that can access the internet!! Here are some of the apps we are on!

Gee whiz, that’s cool. We bring people together and help advertisers connect to those audiences using on-air personalities and content that resonate with our listeners.

Video did not kill the radio star - the radio star adapted to be a star everywhere. That's exactly how businesses need to progress in our ever-changing world; evolving with technology and staying up to date with new technologies and using the right tools for success.

Radio is the original engagement medium - it builds brands through reach, familiarity and loyalty with its listeners. It works harmoniously with digital because when initiating an online search, listeners are twice as likely to search for a recognizable business name vs a category.

of listeners are more likely to select a product or service they are familiar with vs the first option on the page   of listeners will search online for a product or service after hearing an commercial on the radio   of Canadians listen to the radio 1 hour or less prior to making a purchase.


Our radio network allows us to advertise all across Canada with on-air personalities and crowd-pleasing music. Combining your radio commercials with mind-blowing graphics and videos on social media and across the internet not only complements your business branding but targets the right audience to make your campaign work.

We offer Affordable Advertising to all our advertisers no matter the size of the company, advertising contracts with many different settings to fit your requirements/budgets, contracts can be cancelled anytime with no fee, control all on-air / website advertisements with our easy to use manager, contest sponsorships, show sponsorships, monthly/quarterly payment frequency, freeze advertisement airplay, advertise with ALL our stations on the network, scriptwriting, graphic design and audio production available.

Radio has an impact at all levels of the purchase process - from creating awareness and need, directing search and evaluation, to influencing purchase at the critical point. This is all done through storytelling; radio allows users to become enveloped in the advertisement through music, narratives, or simple familiarity with the voices on the program.

We offer On-Air Advertising on all our contracts!

Looking to drum up some more traffic to your business? Contest Sponsorship can help you out by becoming a sponsor or even creating your contest with a station of your choice! People who are engaged with a contest or win a contest are more likely to remember the sponsor!

Contest Sponsorships are only available with Basic and Professional Contracts!

Radio show sponsorships have a direct impact on our listeners, between the On-Air Endorsements and our Website Endorsements. Our Show Sponsorship Endorsements are strategically placed to maximize exposure both on the Websites and On-Air!

Show Sponsorships are only available with our Professional Contract!

Advertise with us and gain access to our Business Directories! A great way to advertise your business 24/7 with EVO Radio Network! Available On all our sites, describe your business, add a contact number, website, and business hours all on your business profile!

Available on all our contracts!!

Attached with your Business Profile, Marketplace allows you to advertise your products or services 24/7! Great for all businesses that are selling multiple products or services. Easy to set up with our manager!!

Marketplace is only available with Basic and Professional Contracts!

Serving sounds that sizzle - our production team creates quality sound bites and commercials that are memorable for the consumer and the client. Get your message across in a fun and engaging way!

We offer Script Writing, Graphic Design, And Audio Production!

For more information about our advertising contracts and station pricing, please continue with "Let's Start"!





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